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2020 Excellent Employees Tour to Yunan

During the Chinese Tomb-sweeping Day, 24 outstanding employees in 2020 of Shenzhen Door (stock code: 832966) have on a 5-day tour of Yunnan. On April 2, they set off by plane from Shenzhen airport to embark on a colorful tour of Yunnan.

Yunnan is known as the kingdom of animals and non-ferrous metals, and is known as "Colorful Yunnan". They visited Dali Ancient City, Yulong Snow Mountain, Lijiang Eternal Love, Lanyue Valley, Yakniuping Cableway, Yuji Island, Shuhe Ancient Town, Dali Shuanglang Ancient Town, Santorini-Ideal State, Yushui Village, Erhai Lake and other scenic spots.


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