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10-year Anniversary!

On the morning of November 18, 2021, Shenzhen DOOR(stock code: 832966) Co., Ltd. held the 10th anniversary celebration of DOOR at its Shenzhen headquarters. Nearly 400 employees participated online and offline. The red carpet was surrounded by colorful balloons and flower basket bouquets presented by friendly units. The celebrations kicked off with the singing of "We Are Doors" by the on-site employees.



Wang Zhigang, the founder, chairman and general manager of the company, gave a wonderful speech. Wang reviewed and summed up the achievements and experience of DOOR in the past 10 years, and thanked all the employees and customers who have worked in DOOR and the customers all over the country for their dedication and trust for DOOR. 


Employee representatives Jiang Jianmei and Chang Songyang gave speeches for the celebration. They briefly described the unforgettable milestones in their progress and growth together with DOOR. Thanks to the company's continuous innovation and growth of the platform and the help and support of colleagues.

At the celebration, the employee representatives who have been sticking to the DOOR for 10 years were awarded certificates and presented flowers. The one-hour celebration ceremony presented a grand, warm, exciting, and thrifty style.



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